09.10.07 11 years ago 16 Comments

This screen capture of this weekend's Navy-Rutgers game comes from the splendid TV Tan Line (via The Wizard of Odds).

Frankly, I was going to make fun of the highlighted gentleman for being a creepy cheerleader-stalking weirdo, but then I realized: creepy cheerleader-stalking weirdos are pretty much my entire target demographic.  So instead, I've decided to make fun of his goatee.  Hey everybody!  Check out that guy's prison pussy!

But seriously, readers: your creepy cheerleader-stalking efforts are no good if you keep them all to yourself.  Share the wealth.  Because if I don't get fresh creepy cheerleader pictures on a regular basis, do you know what happens?  The gay videos start taking over.  And no one wants that.  Well, except the gays.  But they don't buy ad space.

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