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Here are Buccaneer cheerleaders Tiffany, Ayae, Marlana, and Sahara at some kind of haunted house thingamajig at Busch Gardens.  From the YouTube description:

During their evening, the cheerleaders encountered a horde of Killer Klownz, toured the Death Row Vengeance haunted house and Zombie Junction scare zone, and joined the famous Naughty Nurses for the Monster Mash during the classic show “Fiends”.

I would have thought that girls screaming non-stop would be completely unwatchable, but I was wrong.  It seems I have much higher levels of patience with shrieking women if they happen to be sexy cheerleaders.  Besides, I think they handled the clowns well.  I piss my pants whenever I see a clown.  Has something to do with a birthday party when I was young.  This was before sex offenders had to register.

Also, for anyone who’s interested, I heard Zombie Junction is going to be playing at Coachella next spring.

[Attractions Magazine]

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