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Jackson Williams is doing the Lord's work over at the FanHaus. Without any real excuse or reason, he has compiled the top ten Internet cheerleading videos of last year. I can't say I totally agree with his list — I think I'm the only one who found the USC Song Girl Assgate to be a bit of a bore, and he neglected the With Leather compilation of cheerleaders getting rocked — but he dug up some really great stuff I hadn't seen before.

For example, it's hard to top this gem of an interview from 1983. Pro wrestler Jerry Lawler, famous for his "feud" with Andy Kaufman and the staged fight on Letterman, interviewed some borderline retarded cheerleaders from Bartlett High School (note to Jackson: you fucked up the link in your post, and I searched this out myself). Also making an appearance: the '80s femme-mullet.

Oh, and bonus cheerleading scandal sanity-check after the jump. 

So, we all remember former Panthers cheerleaders Renee Thomas and Angela Keathley, yes? Well, one of the videos that the FanHaus links to claims to be footage of the fight, taken with a cellphone, that got the lesbian cheerleaders in trouble.

This is bullshit, right? No way this would have escaped the public eye for so long. Sorry, just had to run that past you sexy readers. We all deserve to be catfight experts.

UPDATE: Sleuthy commenter Michael notes, "The blonde who was arrested was wearing a black tank top in her mug shot and in the video of when she was released from jail the next morning. The brunette was apparently to druck to walk so I don't think she could have intervened in the fight." Excellent detective work, sir. Now go find Nicole Brown Simpson's real killer!

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