Cheerleader’s Story Becoming A Movie

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04.01.11 11 Comments

So often in sports we’re spoon-fed storylines about athletes that seem like they’re right out of a Hollywood movie – Kurt Warner’s rise to fame, Marvin Harrison’s criminal kingpin alter ego, and Gina Carano’s gorgeous ass kicking, to name a few. And Hollywood has become so great at taking average stories and turning them into tales of inspiration – The Blind Side, Rudy, Air Bud. But none of these stories or movies really speak to the average fan like myself, in that they don’t involve chicks with giant racks. Well fret no more, movie-loving sports fans, because New Line Cinema is bringing us the story of Laura Vikmanis, a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader.

After her husband left her for a younger woman, she told her sister at a Bengals game that cheerleading looked like fun, and maybe she’d give it a try.

Vikmanis, who has two daughters, tried out for the Ben-Gals at age 39 and was rejected.

She didn’t give up, kept working out and training, and the next year, at age 40, she was in!

“She is a 42-year-old in a sea of 20-year-olds; she’s definitely a fish in out of water. It’s a great contrast. And she proved you can reinvent yourself at any age,” said one of the producers. (Via Fox News)

You know what’s funny about this? If you had asked me which NFL team employed a 42-year old cheerleader, I would have guessed the Bengals. Or maybe the Kansas City Chiefs. Either way, the role of the ex-husband should clearly go to Mel Gibson or Charlie Sheen, as they’re just fit to play the skuzzy A-hole. And the title has to be something really corny like First and 42 or Hot Flash or Cougar in the Backfield. As for who should play Laura, I’m thinking someone classically gorgeous like Diane Lane. But she’ll need huge implants. Man, that has Best Actress written all over it.

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