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Some people are really bent out of shape about this Champions League semifinal result after Chelsea lost to FC Barcelona yesterday by the score of 1-1. Yeah, that looks like a tie score to me, too, but Chelsea were worked up about the officiating of that guy who looks like he used to work on the Jerry Springer show.

Hiddink admitted his side, who had performed with superb discipline in the goalless first leg and gone ahead in the tie through a stunning Michael Essien strike, had contributed to their own downfall by failing to take the chances they had to kill the match.

But that did not stop him from branding the performance of Norwegian official Tom Henning Ovrebo – who turned down a string of strong penalty appeals by Chelsea – as the worst he had seen in his long coaching career.

The appeals in question involved two handballs–one that was ridiculously blatant–and a takedown during a Chelsea attack in the penalty area late in the second half. The well-named Andres Iniesta tied the match in extra-time for Barcelona, which gave them the lead as goals scored on the road break ties in this kinda tournament, which reminds me of this economist joke that really isn’t funny enough for me to type out here.

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