Chess Hustler Doesn’t Realize He’s Going Up Against A Grandmaster, Gets Served

You don’t get too many television shows that combine the drama of Searching for Bobby Fischer with the hilarity and hijinks of Punk’d, but here we are.

In this clip from The Tim Ferriss Experiment, chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley sits down in New York’s Washington Square Park to play one of those dudes who does the speed chess thing. If you’ve ever watched one of these games, it looks like two people moving pieces and smacking the clock with no rhyme or reason, but it looks cool.

If you’re a regular person, you will almost definitely get your butt handed to you by one of these hustlers. Ashley, however, is no regular person.

The older guy, Wilson, talks his fair share of trash early, but soon goes silent. There’s even a point in the clip where he appears to cheat when things are looking bleak, moving Ashley’s horse guy to a different square on the board. Ashley catches him and, in a way, says, “Neigh.”

The thing about this clip is Wilson is supposed to get owned, as the kids say, but it looks like a pretty competitive match to a guy who went to find a clip from Friends to add to the bottom of this post. Ashley is at no point under duress, but it appears to be more competitive than he believed it would be.

Anyway, here’s Joey and Phoebe playing chess:

(h/t: Bro Bible)

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