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No cats were molested or killed while this photograph was taken. Probably.

A chess coach in Illinois has been accused of some sort of freaky misuse of his access to children, according to authorities.  An as-yet unnamed man who coached an elementary school chess team in Evanston allegedly sent photos of his young charges to a prison inmate.  But hey, who hasn’t done that for kicks from time to time?

While the pictures are not inappropriate, it was what was allegedly sent with the photos that has parents unsettled… The children’s coach allegedly sent pictures of the chess team to an out-of-state prison inmate…

“It doesn’t seem like anything happened besides pictures being sent and certain words being written on the pictures,” [one parent] said.  [Another] parent said the photos were sent with graphic letters.

That pisses me off. Some inmate gets photos of chess kids, yet no one responded to my Craigslist ad titled Searching for pictures of Bobby Fischer.

All in all, that’s probably not as bad as getting into a drunken fight and killing a man over a game of chess.  Unless the agreed-upon stakes of the game were life and death.  Hey, fair’s fair.

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