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The Last Great American Hero prevailed. Again.

Joey Chestnut won the renowned wiener munch-a-rama contest at Coney Island for the third straight year on Saturday, eating a world-record 68 hot dogs in the allotted ten minutes. From the NY Daily News (emphasis added):

The 25-year-old, 218-pound champ maintained a comfortable two-dog lead over his archrival, six-time titleholder Takeru (Tsunami) Kobayashi, for most of the bout. He’d already downed 23 dogs two minutes after the clock started.

“After the second minute I knew my body was cooperating,” Chestnut said.

Chestnut’s rival, Takeru Kobayashi managed to put down 64, and it wasn’t ten years ago when eating 20 dogs, “doing the deuce,” was a big deal. Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas won the women’s title after eating 41 dogs. Wait, there’s a women’s title?! It’s not like she has to dunk or run fast or do long division; why do women get their own title? It’s not like it matters; after that competition, I’m sure everyone was putting the seat down anyway.

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