A Gorilla-Suited, All Lives Matter Shirt-Wearing Fan Rushed The Field At Sunday’s Bears Game

Sunday’s game at Soldier Field between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions featured a fan running onto the field. This isn’t too unusual of an occurrence – a fan ran onto the field earlier this weekend during a San Francisco Giants game – but this fan was especially notable for their choice of clothing.

The fan took the field wearing a full-body gorilla suit and an orange beanie on top of their head. Additionally, this person wore an “All Lives Matter” t-shirt on top, and according to Deadspin, the person’s shirt also said “Put The Guns Down” across the back. Here is a close up shot of person from the front:

The fan slipped and fell while running in front of the Lions’ sideline, and at that time a number of security guards piled on top of them, appeared to put them in handcuffs, and escorted them off of the field. The person’s motives for doing this are unknown, and there’s no word on what happened to them after they were apprehended by stadium security. This isn’t the first time someone has used a sporting event to project an “All Lives Matter” message, as the 2016 MLB All-Star Game featured someone swapping out some of the lyrics to “O, Canada” to include the phrase.