The Chicago Blackhawks May Have Beaten The Mets In The Race For The Year's Most Awkward Holiday Video

Late last month, the New York Mets kicked off the awkward sports holiday videos competition — a contest usually won by the Dallas Mavericks — with their rendition of ‘Sleigh Ride.’ It was an uncomfortable monster, and we thought there was no way it could be topped.

Today, only a day before Christmas Eve, the Chicago Blackhawks have stepped up.

Behold BLACKHAWKS AT THE MOVIES, nearly three minutes of Blackhawks players dressing in the most basic versions of movie costumes imaginable and kinda-sorta saying movie quotes. That’s Jonathan Toews up there as Wolverine, because every dude with muttonchops is just trying to be Wolverine. Other highlights include Patrick Kane as a gay Anakin Skywalker, Patrick Sharp as the least-threatening Batman ever and Antti Raanta as Billy Zabka in The Karate Kid. That’s about as perfect as you’d imagine.

Anyway, check it out. Sure, it got Christmas canceled, but at least it’s pretty funny.

[h/t to FTW]