Do Not Be Alarmed, The Chicago Cubs Are Actually In The World Series

Getty Image

It’s 2016, and the Chicago Cubs are in the World Series. I know, I’m as surprised as you are. But it actually happened. And they didn’t need Henry Rowengartner to do it. After taking down the Dodgers in six games, the Cubs earn the right to play Cleveland, which also hasn’t won the World Series since 1948. One of these two teams is going to end a gigantic championship drought, and the world shudders at whatever butterfly effect craziness is sure to come our way.

The Cubs got on Clayton Kershaw early, chasing him out of the game following the fifth inning after he allowed five runs. The city started celebrating early (and preparing for the insanity), and why wouldn’t they? Pennants on the North Side don’t come around all that often, and black cats and goats have been in the way for a really long time.

Predictably the internet responded in stride:

Just in case the sun burns out or the earth gets hit by an asteroid tomorrow, this post on a website is here for other life forms to use as a historical marker. The Cubs are playing the Indians in the World Series, and Donald Trump is running for president. Yeah, we have no idea how or why it happened either.