This Lovely Old Lady Is Celebrating The Cubs Win By Pounding Some Jager

10.23.16 1 year ago

The Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series. That’s a weird sentence to read, as the Cubs haven’t won the Pennant since 1945, while the team’s famous World Series drought goes back to 1908.

But on Saturday night, the Cubs roughed up Clayton Kershaw en route to a 5-0 win and a 4-2 series victory in the NLCS. They will travel to Cleveland to take on the American League champs on Tuesday (which, total aside, it’s so weird that the team that wins the World Series will be either the Cubs or the Indians, but that’s neither here nor there). But before then, this elderly woman is going to celebrate the Cubbies’ accomplishment with some liquor.

Dorothy is a Cubs fan who got interviewed by Ken Rosenthal after the team won. She seems like a wonderfully pleasant old woman, so when Rosenthal asked how she would celebrate, no one expected to hear her say “I’ll probably have a Jägermeister.” The FS1 crew was so incredibly happy because, well, an elderly woman just said she was going to celebrate the Cubs winning the Pennant by throwing back some Jäger.

On the scale of celebratory alcoholic beverages, Jäger is pretty high. This leads us to believe that if Chicago wins the World Series, this fan will go all out with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Or some Fireball. That works, too.

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