The Chicago Cubs Have A New Mascot. His Name Is Clark. Clark The Cub.

Last night, the Chicago Cubs did something that the organization has never done before – haha, no they didn’t win a World Series, silly! – they introduced a team mascot. For the first time ever, the Cubs have an actual man wearing a costume to hype up fans and children, and naturally everyone is making fun of the second easiest team in baseball to make fun of behind the Miami Marlins. But why on Earth would people make so, so, so, so many jokes over something as harmless as a man dressed as a bear with the intention of playing with chil- oh yeah, I get it now.

Regardless of your cynical ways, the Cubs are very proud of Clark the Cub and this noble mission to cheer up the children who need it most.

The Cubs say Clark will be a champion for Cubs Charities’ mission of targeting improvements in health and wellness, fitness and education for children, and families at risk. Young fans will see the mascot at schools during Cubs Caravan or “Cubs on the Move” fitness program visits; hospital appearances; and other family-focused events, such as the upcoming Cubs Convention.

Fans won’t see the mascot on top of the dugout between innings, or tossing T-shirts or hot dogs into the stands, and it won’t disrupt the game. Instead, Clark will greet fans as they enter Wrigley Field, and also stop by the ballpark’s “First Timers Booth” to welcome new guests. On family Sundays, the mascot will help kids run the bases after the game. (Via the Cubs)

Having read that, I don’t feel the desire to make fun of the Cubs for this, and I assume that everyone in Chicago shares this opinion with me…

Tough luck, Cubs. I guess all new things take some time to catch on.