Chicago Soccer Fan Tackled, But Not Tased

06.01.10 9 years ago 3 Comments

We have another incident involving a fan running onto the field of play…pitch…whatever they call it in soccer. I say that it’s our country, and we call it a field. Cool? Cool. Anyway, AC Milan were in Chicago last weekend when their star player, Ronaldinho, was approached and to some degree molested by a fan who had run out onto the…surface.

To his credit — or perhaps complete disregard for his own personal safety — he let the fan kiss him on the cheek and even exchanged a few friendly gestures with the man that will surely fuel his pursuer to complete the Ronaldinho-sized jar in his basement. –Dirty Tackle.

And that was when

I’m of the mind that anyone that wanders onto a field deserves whatever they get, but this is just excessive. Where the hell was that guy 30 seconds earlier? Eating a donut? What needs to happen is a staggered approach to field jumping: one guy jumps out, and then when he gets tackled, a friend jumps over the rail to his rescue. Get it together, unruly fans. Video after the jump.

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