An Indians Fan Wants To Raise Money To Remove His ‘Racist’ Chief Wahoo Tattoo

10.13.17 8 months ago 8 Comments

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The Cleveland Indians have a mascot that’s offensive to many Native Americans and other First Nations people in Canada. The team has slowly, quietly, tried to phase that logo out of its everyday use, opting for a block “C” as its primary logo and using a stylized “I” as its pretzel shape at concession stands.

But still, the use of Chief Wahoo remains common in Cleveland, especially among a portion of its fans who feel a fondness for the genocide of North America’s first human inhabitants.

And the team has embraced that logo in some ways. Though the team wore its block C logo on its batting helmets this season superstitious baseball players had decided to wear Chief Wahoo hats the past two playoffs, and it remained a shoulder patch on the team’s jerseys.

With another playoff collapse complete, though, there are some who feel the bad juju of Chief Wahoo is the reason Cleveland can’t seem to finish off an elimination game anymore. And one fan is determined to erase a “racist” logo not just from his baseball team, but from his very body.

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