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The Chilean U-20 soccer team brawled with Toronto Police late Thursday after Chile's 3-0 loss to Argentina in their FIFA U-20 World Cup semifinal match.  Apparently, the lads from Chile took exception to the referee's issuance of yellow cards during the game in which Chile received 9 to Argentina's 2.  They went after the refs following the game, but police guided the arbiters to safety.  But then, at the team bus:

"Next thing you know, the bus just unloads and there's eight, 10 players come off the bus and there's just fists flying everywhere, between the cops, the security guards, a couple of ladies were involved that were security," said reporter Nathan Denette. "It looked like a big dogfight. People throwing fists and cops with their billyclubs out and then all of a sudden it got out of control."

This international incident between Canada and Chile (that little phrase made me laugh too) has been exacerbated by Chilean officials' claims that Toronto police used excessive force, such as this complaint:

"They hit me with an electrical current and I fainted,'' player Isaias Perralta told Chilean media. "When I regained consciousness, I saw 10 police officers were hitting me and throwing acid in my face.''

Holy shit, acid?  Man, that takes me back to '68 Democratic National Convention in Chicago —  good times.  Of course I wasn't there in '68, but the boys from Santiago and points beyond may want to remember how old Mayor Daley responded to claims that the CPD had acted too aggressively: "The police aren't there to create disorder, they're there to preserve disorder." -KD

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