Chips Don't Lie

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.08.11 2 Comments

Shakira could be the world’s most talented and likeable lady. Sure, I think she sings kinda like a washing machine — on Progressive Boink we once described her as having the “ability to sing like both a Latina schoolgirl and Homsar in the same verse” — but her lower body operates on some amazing blades and pulleys system the average person can’t comprehend. She just arches her back and takes a step forward and suddenly she’s gyrating so ridiculously you could use her ass like the f**king Time Tunnel.

What I’m getting at is that Shakira works on a different level than most, so of course she’s good at golf. Here’s a brief synopsis from our pals at Devil Ball Golf, who manage to say what we’re all thinking:

There’s an awful lot of padding in this video (edit, people! edit!) and you’ve got to be a serious Shakira fan (or stalker) to sit through this whole thing. But give it 30 seconds. I can guarantee you this: any pro golfer who does the Shakira hip-dance after they hole a long putt gets immortalized here on Devil Ball, guaranteed.

All the video needs is Wyclef Jean showing up somewhere in the background to yell “one time one time” and take 50% credit for the golf. Alternate joke: If Shakira is this good at golf, I’m guessing Paulina Rubio can’t Putt-Putt for sh*t.

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