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As the baseball season is now in its final two weeks, let’s take a look at the teams coughing up their playoff spots.

  • As noted yesterday, the Brewers lost their 5½-game lead in the wild card race with a 3-11 start to September that led to Ned Yost’s firing.  Verdict: needs more Sabathia.
  • The Rays’ season-long love affair with first place in the AL East is now more of a love triangle, as the Red Sox have elbowed their way into a share of the division lead.  The two teams face off again tonight.  Loser gets the wild card and… the Angels?  I dunno, that would take research.
  • The Mets are really going to do it: their lead is now half a game in the NL East, and the Phillies don’t have to wake up to salivating New York Post headlines.

So, that’s it, right?  Who else qualifies?  The Twins, maybe?  Ah hell, who cares?

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