Chris Berman’s Star Looks Better Unfinished

05.20.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

They’re putting the finishing touches onto Chris Berman’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right now. Yeah, dude got a star. Apparently being balding, fat and unfunny is a commodity now (great news for me!).

So, just steps from the iconic corner of Hollywood and Vine, a few steps out from the Dillion’s Irish Pub and Grill, around the corner from the famous Capitol Records building, just West of the Pantages theatre and a little east of the Hollywood Cabaret (“Girls … Girls … Girls”!), the ironic ESPN anchor will be anchored in fame during a ceremony scheduled for Monday morning.

Tom Hoffarth of Inside SoCal also points out the nearest leather shop in the area. Well played, Tom. And really, I think I’m cool with Berman getting a star. It’s the perfect way to be recognized as somebody whose days of entertaining people are clearly behind him.

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