Chris Brown Got Dunked On, And The World Clapped Its Hands

Insert your own tacky Rihanna joke here.

Allow me to set the scene for you. 7-foot Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond is going up for a dunk. The only thing that stands in his way is 6-foot R&B singer and all around terrible human being Chris Brown. He does about as well as you’d expect on the block, considering Drummond is … ugh, it’s impossible to write up a story about Chris Brown without just typing in all caps about what a piece of shit he his. HE DOES WELL ON THE BLOCK CONSIDERING DRUMMOND ISN’T HALF HIS SIZE AND BEGGING HIM TO STOP BLOCKING.

Sorry, everyone. Here’s the video, so that you may enjoy it in your own way.

My only complaint is that the video was filmed in fun, and wasn’t just Andre Drummond finding out Chris Brown is on the court and wanting to annihilate him with basketball. He would’ve had a legion of sad girls calling him HATR on Twitter in no time.

[h/t That NBA Lottery Pick]