The Cubs Fan Chris Christie Yelled At Explained What Led To The Confrontation

07.31.17 8 months ago 10 Comments


Chris Christie likes to go to sporting events, something a quick Getty Image search of “Chris Christie” under sports photos will confirm (394 photos in total). As the governor of New Jersey and a one-time close ally of Donald Trump during his campaign, Christie has plenty of detractors and sometimes finds himself being heckled at the sporting events he attends.

That was the case at Sunday’s Cubs-Brewers game that Christie attended when he happened to finally have enough and let a fan in the stands have it. A video of the verbal altercation was captured as Christie stood extremely close to the fan to give him a piece of his mind (all the while, clutching his bowl of nachos) which proved to be fairly hysterical.

The Cubs fan that got lectured by Christie was Brad Joseph, who took to his Facebook page on Monday to explain exactly what went down to cause the bizarre confrontation between he and the governor. As Joseph tells it, it was a “You suck!” heckle that earned him the wrath of Christie along with later calling him a “hypocrite.”

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