Chris Christie’s Brother Has A Message For People Making Fun Of The Governor’s Cowboys Love

It’s easy to call Chris Christie the Drake or Kenny Chesney of governors because of his convenient love of the Dallas Cowboys. After all, the New Jersey governor is also a huge New York Jets fan – who always stands up for his buddy, Rex Ryan – and he made a huge deal out of the New York Giants having their Super Bowl parade in New Jersey, because they’re New Jersey’s team. He also had no problem hoisting the Lombardi Trophy with the G-Men, which seems odd for such a devout Cowboys fan, but at the end of the day, he’s just a dude who really loves sports. If anything, it should make him a little more relatable, which is probably something he craves with his presidential campaign right around the corner.

However, some people and former Pennsylvania governors can’t get past the Giants/Cowboys thing, while others don’t necessarily relate with a guy who gets to sit in the owner’s box and hug a billionaire every time Matt Stafford fumbles. So it shouldn’t shock anyone that the Internet had A LOT of fun making jokes about Christie during last night’s Cowboys playoff victory. But that’s just not sitting well with his brother, Todd, who took to Facebook to defend his Jerry Jones-hugging bro.

“To all of those non Cowboy fans who have their panties in a ringer because the Governor of NJ is a Cowboys fan—-GET A LIFE !!!” Todd Christie wrote on his Facebook page, a few hours after his brother was seen on camera awkwardly hugging Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in a skybox at AT&T Stadium in Texas.

“The Gov has been a Cowboys fan for his entire life and ALL of you would sit with the owner of your favorite team in a heartbeat if given the chance,” Todd Christie wrote.

“I’m a Giants fan—we are sitting home for the fourth straight year. Eagles fans—possibly you should worry more about the fact that your sorry ass team has never won a Super Bowl and less about who’s rooting for which team. I mean crazy pathetic posts. And for every calorically challenged FB person who posts about the Gov’s weight—forget the magic mirror and look at yourself. Weight posts—-really?” (Via Politico)

The fact that he left out Redskins fans altogether is perhaps his meanest comment of them all. They already have so little, at least make fun of them to remind them they’re still real sports fans who breathe and suffer like the rest of us.