Chris Ivory Completely Plowed Through A Defender En Route To A Huge Gain

11.06.16 1 year ago

The Jacksonville Jaguars may not be a good team in any real sense, but their offense is still filled with eye-catching talent. There are the Allens, both Hurns and Robinson, plus Marqise Lee can all break off big plays at wide receiver, and Chris Ivory is always good for an impressive run a couple of times a season. This is one of those runs.

Ivory and the Jags are in Kansas City taking on Nick Foles and the Chiefs. The Chiefs’ D is still pretty good, so Ivory’s 42-yard run didn’t turn into points, but some plays are just good on their own merits. Poor Ron Parker had no idea what was coming at the end of this dash through the defensive secondary, and Ivory hit the truck stick.

Ivory is one of the strongest backs in the NFL, and you could see how hard to had to work to overcome the poor blocking from the Jags’ offensive line, even on such a positive play.

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