Chris Kaman Blasts Off Enough Fireworks to Destroy a Small Nation

07.28.10 8 years ago 6 Comments


When you’re an athlete worth millions, money ain’t nothing to worry about so why not use some of it to blast off a fireworks show so big NASA gets jealous? That’s what Clippers Center Chris Kaman was thinking this Fourth of July when he gathered up a group of his friends and dropped $10,000 on a cargo of illegal explosives that makes this video so awesome you’d think you were watching a Rambo flick. With the goal set at, ‘Entertaining all of Michigan’, Kaman proceeded to light off a show so spectacular the only way it could have gotten better is if they attached some stray cats to the rockets and blasted them off too (which I plan on doing at some point in my life, as long as PETA doesn’t read With Leather). After Kaman saw the haul of fireworks sitting in his dealer’s garage ready to get picked up, he exclaimed, “WE’RE GOING TO JAIL, DUDE!”

Was anybody hurt during the show? Probably.

H/T Slam Online

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