Chris Kaman Is Right At Home In Texas

Last December, when it was announced that center Chris Kaman had been traded by the Los Angeles Clippers as part of a package that would land them Chris Paul, word around the intertubes was that he was pretty bummed to be leaving the only NBA team that he’d ever played for, and especially since he was traded to one of the league’s worst teams in the New Orleans Hornets. But Kaman has long been one of the NBA’s most under-the-radar fun guys, so he made the best of it.

Now with the Dallas Mavericks, it seems that the gun-loving hunting aficionado is right at home living in Texas, which plays perfectly into his role as a controversial figure, for which he has given very few of what I believe the hip kids call “f*cks”. Kaman recently Tweeted a perfect example of just how much he loves his new home, and also what a delightfully terrifying man-child he is.

I don’t necessarily keep a definitive list of my favorite Kaman Twitter moments, because he’s ranked in the low- to mid-30s on my favorite NBA Tweeters as it is, but off the top of my head, it’s somewhere between this one…

And probably this one…

But it’s definitely better than this one, because gross, dude.