Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Settled Their Super Bowl Bet The Awesome Way

The bet has finally been settled between two members of Marvel’s collection of guys named Chris. Captain America (Chris Evans) and Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), who were at the Super Bowl together, made a bet last month to dress as their character and visit a children’s hospital in the competing team’s city if their team lost. Of course, this has ended exactly as Madden 15 and UPROXX’s own Burnsy said it would.

Burnsy predicted that both actors would ultimately visit both the the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Christopher’s Haven in Boston, because it’s for the kids, and also CLICKS CLICKS HASHTAG HEARTWARMING STORIES. Regardless of who lost this Super Bowl bet (Chris Pratt. It was Chris Pratt), we all win, as both actors are indeed visiting both children’s hospitals.