Here’s Chris Pratt Wrestling With Former UFC Champ Randy Couture

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Chris Pratt is a man of many talents. He can play a tough superhero type, he can be a lovable goofball with a penchant for fart jokes, and he could probably defeat Floyd Mayweather in under five minutes in an MMA fight. Seriously. Pratt knows how to shoot a double leg.

Growing up in Washington, Pratt became an accomplished state-level wrestler and even shared a tournament mat with former UFC champ Josh Barnett (which is a funny story in itself). Now here we have Star-Lord himself pummeling and training with UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture and looks damn solid doing it. Sure, Randy is 54 years old now, but the Extreme Couture gym is running daily and it doesn’t look like he’s holding back much against the younger Pratt. Damn, in an alternate dimension, Pratt could be a light heavyweight contender with six months sprawl training and the lack of a successful movie career.

Anyway, Pratt wrote about his history with Couture, which goes way back to the late ’90s, when Pratt was in high school and Randy was giving seminars between fighting around the world.

“Randy first coached me when I was 17 at Oregon State University wrestling camp. After a Greco Roman training session consisting of throws, he invited teenage me to come up and demonstrate the three throws we’d learned that day: the underarm spin, lateral drop and head and arm. It was such an honor. Everyone cheered as I slammed Coach Couture to his back. Not once, not twice… but three times.

A few years later I was one of millions watching on TV as Randy entered the Octagon for the first time and dominated, eventually winning and defending the heavyweight title for years. He is a Pacific Northwest native and all around great dude. Gotta love the wrestler’s mentality and work ethic. It’s a great sport which helped keep me out of trouble when I was younger and taught me to grind. I’ve always said it, wrestling made me who I am today. I dedicated years of my life to grappling. I still love it.

Take your sons and daughters to a wrestling practice! It’s important our kids have adults to look up to outside of their parents. Here’s a shout out to all the coaches out there making a difference. Big thanks to Randy!”

There you have it: If you’re going to train for an Infinity War, do some pummeling and get on the wrestling mat.

(Via The Mac Life)

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