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Freshman Florida running back Chris Rainey has already been in the news for allegedly accepting illegal gifts while he was in high school, and for referring to himself in the third person (he seems too young to already be adopting this practice – I wonder when Rickey Henderson started?).  Now, according to Alligator Army which cites The Independent Florida Alligator for the quote (although I couldn't find it there, so I added the get-out-of-libel-free question mark), Rainey eloquently stated:

"Every time you see a fine girl (in Gainesville), you see another fine girl better than her. (Some people) like different color girls and stuff like that. I'm a white girl man."

Of course, that gentlemanly utterance conjures this.  But seriously, when are people going to stop basing judgments on skin color before engaging in a night of meaningless sex.  I know all the women I've ever been with never judged a potential lover on the color of their skin after seeing me naked.  They couldn't.  Light reflecting off of my pale chest blinds anyone within a 15' radius. -KD

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