New Orleans Hornets Fans Are Awesome, Get Anthony Davis, Are Free To Start Pizza Chains

Friend of the site and Best And Worst Of WWE Raw report filler-inner Chris Trew does a lot of things with his spare time — co-hosting live Raw watch parties with me, touring the country with stand-up comedy, birthing improv theaters across the southern United States and emceeing the Air Sex World Championships among them — but he’s at his best when he’s enthusiastically conversing with strangers.

That’s what makes this video so enjoyable … Trew showed up at a Hornets Draft Lottery Party at Mannings in New Orleans to interview fans of varying optimism about what they’d do if the team did or didn’t get the first pick in the draft. Highlights include a guy in a Daniel Bryan shirt who wants to loot beer, a guy straight out of Slacker who wants to start his own mini-pizza franchise and a guy who is gonna have a nice day and a pleasant dinner no matter what happens.

As we know now, David Stern worked his magic and the Hornets drafted Anthony Davis and his magnificent brow, so the clip has a happy ending. See? Trew’s a good luck charm. Maybe he’ll end up owning 3.27% of the team after all.