Chris Weidman Gets Innovative With Violence And Construction Paper In ‘Mixed Martial Arts And Crafts’

Chris Weidman’s body is a registered lethal weapon. His dominating wrestling has evolved into a pure package of pound-for-pound fighting awesomeness, placing him firmly at the top of the UFC middleweight division. The former UFC middleweight champion lives and breathes violence, to a point in which his destruction of opponents is utterly casual. One time, he simply lifted his leg and shattered the shin bone of Anderson Silva. It’s true. But did you know that Weidman uses his dangerous hands for manipulating construction paper as well as crushing his competition? Yes, Weidman has a black belt that he uses to clean up paint spills in Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts.

In this edition of Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts, Weidman teaches us how to make a pop-up card while subduing a vicious opponent. Using common martial arts and crafts tools such as colored pencils, glitter glue, and a professional opponent such as light heavyweight Gian Villante, a pop-up card and a solid victory will soon be yours.

Follow the instructions in the video above and remember: Be careful with the scissors, never underestimate someone’s rear naked choke (Holly) and please clean up the blood along with any paper clippings that are on the ground when you’re done.

Chris Weidman fights Luke Rockhold for the UFC middleweight title on June 4 at UFC 199.

(Via The Kicker)