Christianity, Brought To You By Ford™

07.25.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

In an event that threatened to destroy the Nashville Superspeedway with fire and brimstone, Pastor Joe Nelms christened a NASCAR Nationwide series race the most sacrilegious and heavily-sponsored pre-race prayer in history.

He quotes Talladega Nights (a movie that makes fun of NASCAR, in case nobody in NASCAR noticed), praises God for giving them “mighty machines” with “GM performance technology” and gives thanks to Jesus Christ in all things, including tires and specific brands of fuel. To people who yell “woo” and fire guns to celebrate that right there’s funny (they don’t care who you are), but to anyone who regards religion as an important thing they’ve decided to base their entire life on, it was a big flashing neon sign in the sky reading “AMERICA: WHERE STUPID PEOPLE FEEL AWESOME”.

You can watch the video below, but be careful, as it might turn you into a pillar of salt.

As a pretty huge disclaimer, I (1) was born in the American South and (2) was a sheltered Christian kid for the first half of my life, so don’t assume I think I’m better than these people or that I’ve got too much of a hard-on for or against Christianity. Neither of those things would be true. I’m just afraid that 50,000 white people giving thanks to The Lord for their suspension systems might be one step too close to the “big ass extreme fries” world of Idiocracy. “Best prayer EVER!” sorta seals it. Is this better than that prayer that healed your Grandma? Because lulz?

[h/t Off the Bench]

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