Cristiano Ronaldo’s New App Will Take Your Training To The Next Level

07.22.17 9 months ago

Getty Image

Cristiano Ronaldo makes soccer look easy, but sports are anything but. They require practice and a dedication few on this planet have. But Ronaldo wants you to get better, and because he and Nike love you they’ve figured out a way to help athletes of all shapes and sizes work on their game.

The 4-time winner of the Ballon d’Or—awarded by FIFA to the best soccer player in the world—knows a thing or two about motivation and training. He teamed up with Nike to create an app that helps those less gifted put in their best work in order to improve their game.

If that sounds intriguing, the Nike+ Training app has you covered. The app’s website also includes a charming story about how Ronaldo gets ready for a game the night before.

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