Let’s Break Down That Battle Royale That Suddenly Sprouted Up In A Florida Chuck E. Cheese’s

The Battle Royale is technically a fight involving three or more opponents, but colloquially, we know Battle Royales as melees involving countless fighters in a small area. This form of combat was made popular by the WWE’s Royal Rumble, and to a lesser extent, WCW’s underrated (kinda) World War 3.

It takes a lot of planning to make a Battle Royale happen. You need a large amount of competitors willing to sign up and more importantly, show up (see: eastern European football hooligan fights). But, sometimes, just sometimes, the stars align and an impromptu battle will break out in the most unlikely of places. In this instance, a Florida Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant. You know, Where A Kid Can Be A Kid®.

We join the action en media res, where no less than 15 combatants hammer-fist each other like they were cheating at Whack-A-Mole. A few solid uppercuts are thrown by the man in the pea-soup green shirt before two other men from possible opposing factions tie up and send everyone careening into the claw machine with its red lights flashing just like the incoming police cruisers. That’s some serious imagery, life.


Through all of this, people wrestle on the floor, pummel for underhooks against various games, and the women check their hair that was just viciously yanked while everyone is seemingly ignoring their children, who are hopefully safe, off-camera.

Surprisingly, Chuck himself didn’t wade into the fray. A kid’s entertainment outfit can basically act as body armor in these types of scenarios, and a giant rat calming everyone down is probably what this ridiculous moment needed.