Chuck Knoblauch Attacked Twitter Trolls And It Didn’t Go So Well

07.06.15 4 years ago 12 Comments
Chuck Knoblauch

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Chuck Knoblauch, former second baseman for the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins, decided to engage in Twitter beef on Saturday. And things didn’t go well for him.

It all started when Knoblauch decided to throw some shade at Fox’s Major League Basketball analyst, Tom Verducci.

Whatever your opinion of Verducci, the idea that only former players or coaches make great analysts is utterly ridiculous. And many times, former players make the worst on-air commentators (e.g. Verducci’s co-worker, Harold Reynolds).

Many on Twitter wanted to remind Knoblauch that he has bigger issues to worry about than Verducci’s scrutiny. The former all-star second baseman has a history of domestic violence arrests and a dreadful case of the yips at the end of his career.

Knoblauch tried to respond, which was a bad idea.

This is once again another reminder why celebrities and athletes should avoid grappling with trolls on Twitter. This is especially true if said athletes have a history of abusing women, like Knoblauch, and can only offer rejoinders best kept to middle school playgrounds.

(H/T: Deadspin)

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