Chuck Liddell Knocked Out (A Cardboard Cutout Of) Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I guess “hit this cardboard cutout of a guy you hate, LOL” is SportsNation’s only idea for MMA guest stars. Back in January they brought on UFC legend ‘The Iceman’ Chuck Liddell and had him suckerpunch a cardboard likeness of Dwight Howard for some reason. We enjoyed it because there aren’t enough opportunities to see Dwight Howard get punched in the face.

SportsNation did a Key & Peele-esque follow-up this week where they brought Chuck back on to address the ages-old beef between Money Mayweather and UFC by, get this, having him kick a cardboard cutout. I can’t wait until next March, where they have him attack a Tiger Woods standup only for it to a counter with a right hook and knock him out.

Here’s the massive kick, which I must again remind you is against a two-dimensional piece of paper that cannot punch back.

The argument of whether MMA fighters or boxers could beat up the other in a fight is ridiculous, because MMA guys would obviously beat boxers in MMA fights and boxers would obviously beat MMA guys in boxing matches. What we NEED to do is book a 2-out-of-3 falls thing between Liddell and Mayweather where the first fight is a boxing match, the second is conducted under MMA rules and the third is … well, I haven’t gotten that far yet. Maybe the third involves them holding cardboard images of themselves and slapping them together?