Chuck Liddell And Snoop Dogg Talk About What’s Ruining The UFC

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09.30.15 4 Comments

Snoop Dogg, also known as Snoop Rock, also known as Snoop Lion, also known as DJ Snoopadelic, has been running his Double G News Network for more than a year now, inviting guests from across the world of entertainment and music to join him for a joint and a chat. On his latest episode, he had on former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and eternal fan favorite Chuck Liddell to talk about the past and future of mixed martial arts.

Liddell didn’t hesitate to share his opinion on a number of topics, including his feeling that lots of fighters “play it too safe.” Here’s how Chuck reacted to being asked if he was a Jon Jones fan:

Chuck: Um… y’know, he fights too safe for me. Here’s the problem: Fighters today, he’s one of those guys… a lot of them, it’s like GSP. I love GSP. He’s a great fighter. He makes some really great guys look stupid. But he doesn’t try to finish fights. He likes to go out, beat ya, follow the game plan, make sure he wins the fight.

Snoop: Points. Points. Points. Stretchin’ that sh*t out.

Chuck: Now, I understand that from a manager’s standpoint, from a coach’s standpoint. I understand, I understand wanting to do that. From a fan’s standpoint, I don’t wanna watch it. I don’t wanna watch you go out and do just enough to win.

Snoop: And then win it by decision. I want you to f*ck this motherf*cker up. Stand over him.

Chuck: I don’t mind if you win by decision, but I just want you to try to finish him. Go after him, try to hurt him. I see guys hurt guys real bad and then just sit there and watch them. What are you doing? He’s a punch away from going out. From the sidelines, I can actually see his eyes. He’s a punch away from going out. Some of these guys, what they want is to be safe and win the fight. Business-wise, there’s a lot of money involved now.

It doesn’t help that the UFC is the least secure sports organization to fight for; two losses in a row and you’re likely released from your contract. It all results in a situations that encourages fighters to play it safe rather than go for broke. It’s kinda shocking how exciting things still are in the sport, considering a loss costs you half your fight purse and potential brain damage.

As for Jon Jones, he’s not the decision machine Georges St-Pierre turned into after getting knocked out by Matt Serra (nine decisions in 12 fights), but his last three fights did go all five rounds. You could definitely put that on the quality of his opponents in those matches, but at the same time, anyone who watched Jones fight Glover Teixeira saw what Chuck saw, a guy who had his opponent outclassed, but refused to take things up a notch to finish him.

(Via MMA Fighting)

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