The Cincinnati Bearcat Trucked Five Kids For A Touchdown In A Mascot Vs. Kids Game

When we lost the NCAA Football video game franchise due to the ghoulish nature of the NCAA refusing to allow athletes to receive money for their name, image, and likeness, we not only lost one of the best sports games in existence, but also one of the best mini-game modes ever.

Not only could you build a dynasty and win multiple national championships with the Akron Zips in NCAA Football, but you could also play entire games as just the mascots of your favorite teams. There are few things more hilarious than running the triple option with a team full of Big Reds from Western Kentucky against ECU Pirate mascots. Luckily for us, that hysterical visual comes to us on occasion in real life in the form of halftime entertainment when teams inexplicably have youth football teams face teams of local mascots.

That happened on Sunday in Cincinnati as the Bengals hosted the Patriots, and at the half they put some Pop Warner team up against a group of mascots, including the superstar of the game, the Cincinnati Bearcat. The Bearcat was not there to play around, as evidenced by this touchdown run in which he gave one kid a vicious stiff arm and then trucked through four other attempted tackles before stretching for a touchdown.

Mascot Todd Gurley wasn’t done there, as he showed he’s also a beast on the defensive end, tracking back damn near 40 yards to chase a kid down on the sidelines to prevent a touchdown.

There’s no reason the Bearcat shouldn’t be on the Bengals practice squad next week after this two-way performance.