Watch Cincinnati’s Running Back Somehow Emerge From A Massive Scrum To Score An Absurd Touchdown

Each time you watch this touchdown run by Cincinnati’s Hosey Williams, the more inexplicable it becomes. Williams took a hand off from Bearcats QB Hayden Moore, ran directly at the line of scrimmage, and was almost immediately met by Miami’s Rayshawn Jenkins. It looked like Jenkins had Williams pretty easily wrapped up, and in the mass of humanity that formed between Cincinnati’s line and Miami’s defense, it appeared that this would just be another running play that goes for no gain.

Somehow, whether it be because he kept churning his legs or because Jenkins wasn’t able to get a good grip on Cincy’s running back, Williams was able to slip out of the defender’s grasp and break into the open field. It looked like just about everyone in the Hurricanes’ front seven was expecting the play to be called dead, because Williams was able to burst through a hole that managed to open up in the confusion, blow past Miami linebacker Raphael Kirby, split the two safeties and run for a 29-yard touchdown to put the Bearcats ahead 7-3.

As you’d probably expect, the crowd at Nippert Stadium went insane, because their running back just made one of the most amazing plays of the year.