Claude Giroux Is Not Afraid To Tell You To Go F*ck Yourself On National Television

While we figure out what the hell to say about Richard Sherman’s post-game interview, here’s a clip of Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux dropping multiple F-bombs after a win. Transcript:

“F*ck you, Raf. F*CK YOU, RAF!”

Possible reasons why Claude Giroux would be yelling “f*ck you Raf” include:

1. He is messing with/yelling at Flyers winger Michael Raffl (not likely)

2. He is upset that Raphael is cool, but rude. Give me a break.

3. He is tired of using the f*cking Banana Phone.

4. He had an MLB Hall of Fame vote and is finally making it public.

No matter what the reason, F-bombs on TV something something profit.

h/t to Crossing Broad