02.23.08 10 years ago 4 Comments

Recall how Roger Clemens disputed Brian McNamee's assertion that Clemens attended Jose Canseco's party – "I wasn't there having huddled up with somebody trying to do a drug deal. I know that for sure."? Well, now that there may be photographic evidence that the Rocket was at the party, Clemens' classy attorney Rusty Hardin says:

"We know that baseball announcers broadcasting the games at the time said Roger was not at the party. Jose Canseco has said Roger was not at the party, as has Canseco's former wife. Roger was playing golf at the time of the party, and has stated that he may have stopped by the Canseco house after playing golf before heading to the ballpark for the game."

Big deal, it's like I tell the cops during every missing 'sporting girl' investigation – "I can't remember every party I've been to." Then the pigs beat with telephone books for ending a sentence with a preposition. You wouldn't know it when you hear them speak, but Chicago cops are real sticklers for grammar. -KD

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