Clemson Players Were Fed Sour Patch Kids In Their Sleep And Had No Idea

On the one hand, this is great content. It’s a bus full of sleeping Clemson football players and a first-person view of someone putting Sour Patch Kids into their gaping mouths. How are you not watching that? It’s like that thing from the Jackass movies where they attach each other with hair clippers only more delicious. There’s also more drama here, as anyone could wake up at any time and rightfully commit murder.

On the other hand, can we do anything anymore without it being recorded on social media? These guys are trying to get some shut eye and that one dude who can’t sleep on public transportation has to go and mess with everyone for Snapchat likes. If Antonio Brown has to apologize for a Facebook live in his locker room, why is this video creator getting a pass on the team bus?

Then again, man, that’s Albert Huggins not only maintaining perfect REM sleep with somewhere between 6-to-12 SPK in his mouth. He’s not even twitching. THEN HE STARTS CHEWING THEM! Is Huggins just more evolved than other humans? Is he an X-Man with the power to not choke to death? Because I’ve fallen asleep with a cough drop in my mouth and nearly died because of it.

But seriously, let the people sleep. What if you kill a teammate? You’re recording yourself do it. Sure, this is funny, but … OK, fine. This is funny. Let’s see Ohio State do this with Swedish Fish before the week is out.

(h/t to EDSBS)