This Cleveland Fan Wants Us All To Know That He Cries At Night Because Of The Browns

Associate Editor

For the most part, it’s a good time to be a Cleveland sports fan. The Cavaliers won the NBA title this year in dramatic fashion. The Indians look like they may roll through the American League and make it to the World Series. Two of the team’s three major sports teams have had an awesome year or so.

Of course, the third team is the Browns, which have…not been so great this year. The squad is 0-4 on the season and it looks like they are going to fall to 0-5 after a whooping at the hands of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. It’s been a rough year for Browns fans, which isn’t a surprise to anyone, but it’s still probably tough to watch if you like Cleveland.

One fan wanted us to know how difficult it is to cheer for the Browns every week. He did this by taking his Johnny Manziel jersey, slapping a piece of tape over Manziel’s last name, and writing “I CRY AT NIGHT” across the back. It’s sad, sure, but it’s a sobering reminder of what it’s like to cheer for the Browns.

Cheer up, buddy. Like we said, two of the three major Cleveland sports teams have been awesome this year, and the Browns may be able to get there eventually with all of the young talent on the roster. But for now, “I CRY AT NIGHT” is the latest name to be added to the long list of Browns quarterbacks since 1999.

We’ll see if “I CRY AT NIGHT” can be the shot in the arm under center that the Browns will need going forward.

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