Browns Fans Hilariously Failed At Holding Up A ‘This Is The Dawg Pound’ Banner

Associate Editor
10.30.16 2 Comments

It’s a good time to be a sports fan in Cleveland. The Cavaliers are NBA Champions. The Indians are on the verge of winning the World Series. The Browns…well the Browns are still the Browns. Two out of three ain’t bad, but the third Cleveland sports team is very much not on the same level as the other two.

But Browns fans are still a passionate group, so they’re still going to games and trying to cheer on their team to victory. On Sunday, they even decided to have a banner to welcome and intimidate the New York Jets, which is a cool idea that, when it’s pulled off, always makes for an awesome visual. It was supposed to read “This Is The DAWG POUND” but instead, someone gave out the banners in the wrong order.

So when everything got unfurled, the banner read “This Is The GPODAWUND”. It’s hilarious, both because this is the most Browns thing that could happen (an attempt at intimidation falls flat because of something simple) and because GPODAWUND is a silly word (it sounds like the noise you make when you try to talk with a mouthful of peanut butter). From here on out, the Dawg Pound will forever be known as GPODAWUND.

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