The Browns Might Have The Worst Record In The NFL But They Still Want Bama

11.20.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

The Cleveland Browns aren’t especially good this year. They’re the only winless team in the NFL, and while the team is pretty obviously building towards the future, 2016 has been a slog for the team and its fans.

Those fans have been through so much this year. One dude made an alteration to a Browns jersey to let us all know that he cries at night. A few weeks ago, the Dawg Pound tried to make a “This Is The DAWG POUND” banner. But they didn’t unfurl it properly, so instead, it said “This Is The GPODAWUND.”

One fan has decided to say screw it and just give up on the Browns against NFL competition. Instead he wants the team to focus its efforts on the gridiron elsewhere. Like fans of every college football team outside of Tuscaloosa, he wants Alabama.

The bad news is this dude may be one of the only Browns fans who thinks they can put up fight against the Crimson Tide. Earlier this year, Ohio voters were asked who would win in a game between the Browns and Ohio State. The Buckeyes received 62 percent of votes, while the Browns received 23 percent. Considering how Alabama very well could be better than Ohio State, well, maybe this dude should revise his sign to say “We Want Notre Dame” or something.

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