Browns Fans Really Did Hold A Sad Parade In Honor Of Cleveland’s 0-16 Season

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The National Football League’s postseason began on Saturday, kicking off Wild Card Weekend with Kansas City hosting the Titans and Atlanta traveling to Los Angeles to take on the Rams.

But in Cleveland, fans were not watching football. Instead, they were “celebrating” the end of their season. The Browns went 0-16, a perfect winless season after a 1-15 campaign the previous year. This long stretch of ineptitude has had its sad moments, but fans in Cleveland decided to hold a parade around the Browns’ stadium to commemorate the winless season.

But would people turn out for a parade celebrating a bad team? Well buddy, you underestimate the cynicism of Browns fans.

And what a parade it was. There was a dude in American flag speedo, signs about LeBron James and fans hoping, someday, for a Super Bowl parade of their own. There were floats and everything, it was bizarre.

You really have to see it all in motion to get a feel for how cold and sad it was, though.

Please note the person in the dog mask pretending to throw up in an orange toilet at the end of the video. Here’s a bit more of the procession, slowly circumnavigating the stadium.

Despite the heavy sarcasm, there was some good humor involved, though.

Ultimately, though, optimism prevailed. Here’s the guy who came up with the parade talking about the next parade he wants to plan, one for a Browns Super Bowl victory.

In a somewhat surprising move, the parade actually drew an apology from the Browns organization for not delivering a more fun season for fans.

It’s odd when a team admits that they put out a subpar product. I’m sure it’s an apology that doesn’t mean much to fans, though, especially when the coach who just went 0-16 is sticking around.

In a rather unsurprising twist, the parade did not sit well with some of Cleveland’s players. Browns defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah was hardly thrilled about the prospect of fans celebrating all that losing.

The sentiment was shared by Danny Shelton, a defensive tackle for the Browns.

The two are professional athletes who just lost 31 games in 32 tries, so you can see why they’re upset that the Browns “faithful” would do this. But it’s hard to blame fans for trying to find some joy in the face of what’s been a truly miserable stretch of football in Cleveland. There’s always next year.