Congrats In Advance To The Plain Dealer For Stealing GQ's Pulitzer

Last week, we shared with you an unbelievable Kate Upton GQ cover and photo-shoot somebody wonderful green-lit even after Terry Richardson showed up with nothing but “wet t-shirt, popsicle” written in his Ideas Notebook. We assumed this would be the finest piece of sports (related) reporting in 2012, but we were mistaken.

That honor will go to Felesia M. Jackson of Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer for her real-time news piece entitled ‘About the NBA draft: PDQuotient’. I can’t add anything to it, so here’s the epic work reproduced in its entirety:

That’s it. That is seriously it.

It took me a few minutes to figure out that the numbers under the story weren’t another Kayak add and were a “by the numbers” style rundown of draft info, with gems like “10 – Years ago the Cavs drafted Dajuan Wagner in the first round from Memphis.” Keep in mind, I run a comedy sports blog that is 80% pro wrestling, Taiwanese animation clips and Kate Upton titty galleries and this is upsettingly bad to me. She should’ve included “0 – The amount of effort I put into this piece.”

I know things are bad in C Town right now, but Jesus, I didn’t know they were that bad. Somebody fly FEMA up there and get them to drop a few bloggers on the city, or at least someone who can follow “The draft is Thursday” with “it will feature basketball guys”.

[h/t to Fark Sports]

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