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Cleveland State and #11 Syracuse fought each other down to the wire last night, and the underdog Vikings (in green) hit a miracle 60-foot prayer at the buzzer to score a 72-69 upset on ‘Cuse’s home court.

And yet, that’s not even my favorite part of the story.  At the post-game press conference, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim got stuck with a dysfunctional mic that kept hitting him with piercing feedback.  And the video (after the jump) is truly excellent.

Watch his face as he tries to cope with the tough loss. And with every shriek from the mic, you can see his frustration build while he tries to hold it together. Really, it’s a character study in mounting anger. He should win some sort of Espy-Oscar hybrid for this. Well, the loss came against Cleveland State, so I guess it should be more of an Espy-Golden Globe.

CORRECTION: Word on the skreets is that this happened Saturday night after a win over Long Beach State. Eh, I like my incorrect version of events better.

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