Heat, Thunder? IT'S ALL WEATHER

06.22.12 7 years ago

I apologize in advance for all the “crazy reaction to LeBron winning a championship!” and crying children videos we’re probably going to share today. It’s the only thing happening. Bud Selig could be assassinated by Jose Canseco and my inbox would still be full of, “check out Erik Spoelstra Gatorade bath autotune remix”.

Anyway, my favorite of these so far is Cleveland’s News Channel 5 Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson absolutely losing his shit because “heat” and “thunder” are weather terms he can’t escape. If you’re worried about people jumping on the “I always wanted LeBron to have a ring” bandwagon, this guy’s Network moment will ease your mind. THESE CHAMPIONSHIP WINS ARE DIRTY AS HELL, AND HE’S NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE.

I feel your pain, Mark. I really do. Video is after the jump.

/whipping gesture “Heat, Thunder, WHATT’RE YA GONNA DO? IT’S ALL WEATHER!”

Words to live by. Here’s to hoping next year’s finals are the Jazz and the Trailblazers so we can see somebody try to talk about Miles Davis and flip out about basketball.

[h/t Bob’s Blitz]

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