Clippers Fans Hate Justin Bieber As Much As Everyone Else Hates Him

First thing’s first, the Los Angeles Clippers pulled off at least two comebacks for the ages in yesterday’s incredible 101-99 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder to even the series at 2-2. The game was ugly and tense, as the big men battled away and several technicals were handed out along the way, but Darren Collison ultimately capped off his 18-point performance with an eventual game-winner that will be on highlight reels for a long time. But none of that matters anymore, because SUPER HUGE Clippers fan Justin Bieber was at Game 4 with his mama for Mother’s Day, and just look at how much SWAGGY YOLO SWAGGY GANGSTA he brings to the NBA Playoffs.

Now, what that video doesn’t show very well is that when the Clippers put Bieber’s face on the big screen, the Los Angeles NBA faithful were quick to join New York Knicks fans in letting Canada’s dopest playboy that they really don’t want his stupid tongue-wagging face on their jumbotron.

That’s still obviously not as impressive as when Knicks fans booed Nick Cannon during a regular season game, when he interrupted them for a ripped off halfcourt shot routine for his ripped off TV talent show. But nothing is ever going to top that wonderful display by Knicks fans. Seriously, we all can learn a lot from Knicks fans. That team loses and loses and loses and LOSES, repeatedly tearing the hearts out of its fans’ chests, but they’re still proud enough to boo a massive dork when they see one. We live and learn, Clippers fans, but let’s try harder next time, okay?