Here’s A Wild Story Involving Cocaine Smugglers And A Bus Headed To A World Cup Qualifier

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Cocaine smugglers in Colombia packed two buses full of over 1,200 pounds of cocaine over the weekend, in hopes they could sneak it into Santiago, Chile with soccer fans. The buses were carrying fans headed south to watch their Los Cafeteros (literally The Coffee Growers, only the most perfect nickname for the team in the world!) play in a World Cup qualifying match on Thursday against Chile, giving authorities any number of reasons to search the buses throughout the 2,400 mile journey.

According to Reuters, the drugs were found in compartments under the bus floors as well as under some seats, and both drivers were arrested.

The buses were stopped well short of their destination and in fact didn’t even make it out of the country, possibly due to the fact that authorities, well aware of the volume of drugs a bus can hold, were keeping an eye on mass transit options headed south for the game.

Really, when you’re dealing with this much cocaine, you expect a certain level of professionalism. But packing buses that are filled with dozens of innocent tourists, who will need to be stopped at all borders between the two nations and given strict inspections, does not suggest the level of intelligence you would expect.

(via Reuters, video via AFP News Agency)